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♦ Bo mạch: Dell, chipset Intel QX975
♦ Bộ vi xử lý: Intel Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz, 8MB
♦ Bộ nhớ: 4GB DDR2 bus 667Mhz
♦ Đĩa cứng: 250GB Sata 7200rpm. 
♦ Đĩa quang: DVD-ROM
♦ Đồ họa: 1GB ATi (Card rời)
♦ Âm thanh: 2.1 Hight Definition
♦ Mạng: 10/100/1000 Intel


  • Intel® 975X Express chipset
    At the core of Dell Precision 390 workstations is the Intel 975X Express chipset, designed to support the technologies that can open up performance-impacting bottlenecks in primary subsystems. Power users -- and the application providers who support them -- have access to more compute power than the previous generation of single socket workstations, enabling them to create, analyze and design better than ever.

Video Card

  • The Dell Precision Workstation graphics program is designed to provide customers with lifecycle and image stability from entry Professional 2D thru the Mid-Range 3D graphics cards. In addition, Dell provides the latest and best performing graphics technologies from the price/performance mid range 3D thru high-end 3D graphics card segments. Dell continually evaluates the newest graphics technologies to ensure the most relevant graphics cards are selected for qualification, certification and factory installation in Dell Precision Workstations.

    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4600 (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections); High-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 4500 (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections); High-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 3500 (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections); Mid-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 3450 (supports 1 dual link connection); Mid-End
    NVIDIA Quadro® FX 550; Entry 3D
    NVIDIA Quadro® NVS 285 (128MB); Entry 2D

    ATITM FireGL™ V7200 (supports 1 or 2 dual link connections); Mid-End
    ATITM FireGL™ V3400 (supports 1 dual link connection); Entry

Drive Controllers

  • Integrated SATA 3.0Gb/s controller with support for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10
    Optional SAS 5i/R PCI Express controller card with support for SAS RAID 0 or 1


  • Chassis
    (H x W x D): 17.6" x 6.8" x 18.4"
    (H x W x D): 44.7cm x 17.1cm x 46.8cm
    Weight: 39 lb (17.7 kg)

    1 PCI-e x16 graphics slot
    1 PCI-e x8 slot wired as x4
    1 PCI-e x1 slot
    3 PCI 32bit/33MHz slot with support for 5v cards

    2 internal 3.5" hard disk drive bays
    2 external 5.25" optical bays
    1 external 3.5" drive bay (Flex Bay) in desktop orientation, or 2 external 3.5" drive bays (Flex Bays) in tower orientation

    Standard I/O Ports
    8 USB 2.0 (2 front, 5 back, 1 internal on motherboard)
    1 serial (optional 2nd connector), 1 parallel, 2 PS/2, 1 RJ-45, Stereo line-in and headphone line-out on back panel
    Microphone and headphone connector on front panel, IEEE 1394a connector available on front panel with add-in card


  • 375 watt power supply