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LCD Eizo Flexscan L768 19 Inch

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♦ Loại panel

: VA

♦ Độ phân giải

: 1280 x 1024 (tỷ lệ 4:3)

♦ Độ tương phản

: 1000: 1 

♦ Độ sáng ảnh

: 250 cd/m2 

♦ Thời gian đáp ứng

: 8ms 

♦ Góc nhìn

: Ngang: 178 - Dọc: 178 

♦ Số màu

: 16.7 triệu màu

♦ Kết nối

: Vga ( D-Sub ), DVI

♦ Bảo hành. VAT

: 3 tháng. (Giá chưa bao gồm VAT 10 %)


Eizo is usually considered to be one of the best monitor producers around; if not the Rolls-Royce, then certainly the Jaguar or Lexus. This 19-inch LCD panel, available with a light grey or black surround, has some right to that association.

Working from the bottom up, it has a good, spring-mounted pedestal stand on which the display panel can rise and fall easily, but remains wherever you position it. A couple of thin semi-circular guards fitted to the pedestal guide video and power cables up the back, keeping them out of the way.

The mains cable plugs directly into the back of the panel, as do analogue and digital video cables, though only the analogue cable is supplied as standard with the monitor. A third data socket is for USB, which is used to provide control of monitor settings through software from your Windows desktop - a nice touch. It's just as well you can do this, though, as the row of nine physical control buttons on the monitor are difficult to use. The legends embossed in them aren't coloured and black symbols on black plastic buttons are not that easy to decipher.

Which is a shame, as they provide very good control over the screen of the display. As well as full adjustment of colour temperature, from 4,000 degrees to 10,000 degrees in 500 degree increments, there's separate control of hue and saturation.

One oddity of the FlexScan L768 is its ability to swing its screen through 90 degrees to a portrait aspect. Nothing particularly unusual in this, except that there's no mention of it in the product documentation - which is sketchy at best - and certainly no software to switch Windows round to work in portrait mode.

The monitor itself is extremely clear and well set up, with few linearity problems, particularly with a digital connection. If you look at its colour balance, certain colours take some preference, but it's possible to balance these out with a few button presses, so it's only an initial setup irritation. Its 1,280 x 1,024 pixel image is easy on the eye and causes very little fatigue, which are the main things you can ask of any monitor.

This may not be the cheapest 19-inch LCD monitor on the market, but its picture quality and ease of use should endear it to any graphics artist or spreadsheet daemon who spends a lot of time working with a screen.