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✅ Thuộc dòng máy trạm CHUYÊN ĐỒ HỌA
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✅ Cpu dòng Xeon 6 nhân 12 luồng cực mạnh
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✅ Card đồ họa rời Geforce GTX chuyên Game 3D và Video
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Designed with ease.

Enjoy the control that comes with being able to swap out parts or make upgrades on your own. The HP Z420 Workstation features a smart chassis that offers tool-less access to the inside, easy configurability, and an optional handle for seamless deployment. And with optional liquid cooling designed to deliver whisper-quiet performance, the HP Z420 is built to make your work flow more smoothly.

HP Z420 workstation specifications

HP Z420 workstation performance

Enjoy superb performance.

Achieve the highest performance available in a single-processor personal workstation. The HP Z420 Workstation offers your choice of Intel® Xeon® E5-1600 and E5-2600 series processors—with base clock frequencies of up to 3.6GHz and the new Intel® C602 chipset. Delivering support for up to 8 cores of processing power, the HP Z420 never slows you down.

Never compromise on graphics.

Built to support next generation PCIe Gen3 graphics, the HP Z420 currently offers a breadth of AMD and NVIDIA® professional graphics cards from Pro 2D to high-end 3D, up to the NVIDIA® Quadro® 6000. With a 600W, 90% efficient power supply and support for up to 8 HP Performance Displays, the HP Z420 can maximize your productivity with the freedom of seeing and doing more all at once.


Get the power to realize your vision with the new family of NVIDIA Quadro®K-series professional graphics featuring NVIDIA’s most powerful GPU architecture ever—NVIDIA® Kepler.™ Whether you’re creating revolutionary products or telling spectacularly vivid visual stories, Quadro® helps you do it better and faster. Offering support for up to 8 independent displays and robust OpenGL support, NVIDIA® graphics are fully certified and optimized with industry-leading applications from AutoDesk, Solidworks, Adobe®, and many others. Plus, with the NVIDIA® Tesla K20c as part of NVIDIA’s Maximus solution, the HP Z420 can efficiently fill your high-performance GPU computing needs.


Boost productivity with the serious power and performance of AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards for the HP Z420 Workstation. Featuring extensive application certifications, support for up to 6 independent displays, and HP-qualified professional graphics drivers with full OpenGL and DirectX support, AMD FirePro™ cards are specifically built for outstanding performance. To maximize graphics performance, the HP Z420 is ready to support the next generation PCIe Gen3 graphics cards from AMD when they become available.